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The breakfast buffet will resume on August 1, 2021!

Not only the popular "handmade oyakodon" but also the drink corner has been upgraded!

Thank you for your patience!
From August 1, 2021, the hotel's breakfast buffet will be reopened!

In addition to the "handmade oyakodon" that has been very popular than before, the drink corner has also been upgraded, and we have a menu that will satisfy both families and business people!

We look forward to using this opportunity!

【 Y's kitchen Breakfast buffet 】

・Handmade oyakodon
・Seasonal vegetable salad
・Seasonal fish
・6 kinds of side dishes using plenty of seasonal ingredients
・Miso soup
・drink bar
 *Coffee and tea can be taken out! Please use a take-out cup.

Please understand that the menu is subject to change.
  • 【 Wise special handmade oyakodon 】

We have increased the Western menu!

  • We received a lot of feedback from our customers and increased the Western menu!

    We have increased the types of bread and renewed the side dish menu!
    Sandwich various things yourself and make a homemade sandwich ^. ^