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  2. Prevention of new virus infection

Prevention of new virus infection

About the concrete efforts to prevent the infection of the Novel Coronavirus

  • We are taking measures with reference to the "Guidelines for Novel Coronavirus in Accommodation Facilities" by the Japan City Hotel Association
  • 【About common space】

    ・We regularly clean, disinfect, and ventilate common facilities such as front desks, elevators, and dining venues, as well as common areas where many people come into contact.
    ・We have installed disinfectants for hand disinfection in multiple places such as the 1st floor entrance, front desk lobby, and restaurant entrance.
    ・Paper towels are installed in the shared toilet.
  • 【About guest rooms】

    ・Use a disinfected room key.
    ・We have installed a disinfectant deodorant.
    ・We have installed an air purifier with a plasma cluster humidification function.
    ・Room cleaning uses alcohol to disinfect.
  • 【About the restaurant】

    ・After use, we will disinfect tables and chairs with alcohol.
    ・Staff serving breakfast will wear disposable vinyl gloves.
    ・In-store exhaust / intake and regular ventilation enhance the circulation of in-store air.
    ・Increase table spacing and implement social distanceting.
  • 【About customers】

    ・At check-in, we will verify the identity of all guests and measure the temperature.
    ・We ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask and disinfecting your hands.
  • 【Three Cs measures in this facility】

    ・We are limiting the number of elevators.
     Up to 4 people can use at one time
    ・We are limiting the number of people in the smoking room on the 2nd floor.
     Up to 2 people can use at one time
  • 【Employee measures】

    ・We measure the temperature of all employees when they go to work and manage their physical condition on a daily basis.
    ・It is obligatory to wear a mask during work.
    ・A splash prevention plate is installed on the front counter.
  • *If the customer or staff is suspected of being infected with the Novel Coronavirus, or if an infected person actually occurs, we will deal with it based on the guidelines of each institution.
    *We will adopt the "Hyogo Prefecture Novel Corona Notification System" promoted by Hyogo Prefecture so that if there is an infected person at the hotel, Hyogo Prefecture will notify you as soon as possible.
     Hotel When you come to the hotel, please cooperate with the registration with the QR code installed in each place.