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Information on Surrounding Area

Good location with the station in front of you.Amagasaki is a familiar place for families to go.

Hanshin Amagasaki Station, it is convenient to watch a baseball game at Koshien
You can also enjoy a walk in the long arcade shopping street "Amagasaki Chuo Shotengai" that retains the atmosphere of the surrounding downtown Amagasaki Chuo Shotengai.
  • Sightseeing in Amagasaki

    • Amagasaki Chuo / Sanwa Hondori Shotengai (shopping street)

      About 1 minute on foot
    • Amagasaki Castle

      About 5 minutes on foot
    • Amagasaki Teramachi

      About 5 minutes on foot
  • Sightseeing in Osaka

    • Umeda

      About 9 minutes by train
    • Osaka-Namba

      About 15 minutes by train
    • Kyocera Dome

      About 18 minutes by train and on foot
    • Kaiyukan

      About 40 minutes by train and on foot
  • Kobe sightseeing

    • Ijinkan Kazamidori no Yakata

      About 25 minutes by train
    • Takarazuka Grand Theater

      About 50 minutes by local bus
  • Koshien

    • Koshien

      About 5 minutes by train